Marketing of victim and cultural ethnocide


It was really shown as excellent thing in practice so far by writing my own texts only when I feel a special need and inspiration. Accordingly, these days actually I experienced great bumps of inspiration and motivation and now I decided to sort them in a text whose idea was ​​old enough. In fact, this is something to which I occasionally warned before, and now it deserve particular analysis. We are aware of rewrite of our Serbian Orthodox  history, of course I hope that we are also aware of some our personal mistakes in that same history that we could argue about for years, but I wonder are we aware of cultural ethnocide, which takes place today, so slowly and quiet, and almost nobody pay attention to it?

Belgrade Cultural Centre in Serbia these days is place of exhibition on Albanian victims. It is about personal confessions of children who survived the crime  of war group “Scorpions” and name of theme is Bogujevci Visual History. Before I write anything, of course I want to say that for me all victims are the same and that no victim is neither more, nor less than the other, and that we should pay tribute for all victims equal. The victim is not just an ordinary number, letter or picture in the museum, the victim is sacred, pain and sorrow no matter whose. Unfortunately, the victims themselves are often used for purposes of manipulation and achieving certain political goals or aspirations in the long term politics, and that is what particularly despise me a lot. The problem arises at the moment when we forget our own victims, and leave space for the other ones, which will  make collective blame of the Serbian people and unconvicted convicts. Even that, is not such an issue, because throughout history we have been accustomed on some way for this role and we bear it heroic, when we are guilty and when we are not, all the way from  NATO bombing in 1999, to Hollywood movies about bad Serbian guys. The fact that someone else is constantly thinking of how to make their own victim marketing, and therefore bigger victim  (and I’ve already mentioned that there is no bigger victims and that all victims are the same in front of God and the people no matter whose), to harm another side, it is actually his personal thing and thing of his politicization, and I would say also disrespect of their own victims. The essential problem actually lies in our forgetfulness. It is not a problem to maintain in Belgrade what it is maintained these days in that cultural centre, but the problem is because there is no refer on  our own victims from Kosovo, also there is even less refer about those victims of the 1999 th, and actually more refer about demolishing the building of the General Staff (one of the symbols of suffering) and not to mention the fact and possibility that in Pristina and Tirana they make an exhibition about organ trafficking in Kosovo, Bondstil super modern hospital and “Yellow House”, or about the life and death of the six Serbian youngsters killed  in Pec exactly 15 years ago, or if it is on some sort too much for somebody, then at least they can make exhibition about hard life of Serbian children in Kosovo nowadays. I think that we will not find there such cultural exhibitions, if I’m wrong, please correct me.

Except we forget our own victims, we also started  to forget a little bit our cultural heritage. From my friend whom I respect, and who appreciates my work on blog, I got one video that relates to the church in Samodreza. At this link you can see more about history of this church, which is located in Vucitrn, but important is the fact and traditional story of commitment of Prince Lazar army in this church before Battle of Kosovo in 1389. Until today the church was not rebuilt and now has turned into the Albanian public toilet. What to say except shame and disgrace. 


                                                                       Inside of Samodreza church

You surely think that this is the worst thing that can befall a sanctuary like this, but you are wrong. In the video footage that I previously mentioned and which I received from my friend, you can see Albanian professor and historian Bedri Xhema how talking about church in Samodreza as Illyrian instead Serbian Orthodox, and in one part he mention also Nemanjic family (most important Serbian dynasty) how they are not exactly  Serbs but more Illyrians, and finally he will probably turn them to Albanians. I would appreciate if someone knows Albanian language to help me in detailed translation. This is exactly what I was saying at the beginning, of what is happening spontaneously and somehow insensibly, just as it occurred “Kosovo independence” in the past 100 years.

I have personally witnessed to similar situation like this previous one. In fact, it was a visit to Decani Monastery by minister Vlora Citaku from self claimed Kosovo* Government. Even in this visit there would be no dispute if she only wanted just to see the monastery and not to send a political message that was actually sent from her official Twitter account. This was at the beginning of July this year and of course comment that she wrote as part of her visit indeed, directly appropriated Decani monastery as “their (read Albanian) cultural heritage” what provoked my comment below, after which I was immediately blocked by the monk and host of Decani monastery Sava Janjic.


All that is written above fully explains my desire to write just such a text that will provide a short and sharp cross-section of the state in which we find ourselves today, and that perhaps we drop down even more day by day. Knowing how well the Albanian strategy is persistent in what they want (which I absolutely respect as a feature of their people in terms of fairness) and that time is their ally, it is not their problem to wait even 50 or 100 years, so that some churches and monasteries in Kosovo start to proclaim as their own. For authority of Serbia officially, Kosovo is an autonomous province, but unofficially since a few days ago on the border between Serbia and Kosovo* customs start to work, so the Government in Serbia almost recognizes Kosovo* in some sort of way. Albanians are of course aware of this, but they still have two problems for complete their satisfaction. One problem is in the Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and the second one is in the brave Serbian people that lives there. So on lately elections they started to divide Serbs on the south and north, and soon I expect the division into east and west, the Chetniks and Partisans, Delije and Grobari (Supporters of two biggest clubs in Serbia), rich and poor, those from the countryside and those from city … etc. I believe that it will not be strange for them to divide people as much as they can. Accordingly only what remains as their problem after that division is Serbian Orthodox cultural heritage, and we see now how they start to work diligently on this plan to turn our history in their own. As I said, I respect the victims, but I do not accept oblivion of our own sacrifice and victims, and when we cant see a reciprocal cultural exhibition in Tirana about Serbian victims, here’s my text instead of that. When they organize exhibition in Tirana and Pristina I will write about Albanian victims, and until then I will ask myself where is Serbia, and why nowhere ?

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